Turning data into profit

We enable our clients to turn their data into profit by monetising towards their suppliers

We have an out-of-the-box solution to monetise your data and increase your profit

  • Product

    Easy to use, intuitive insights platform

  • Business planner

    Integrated support for the business planning process directly in the tool

  • Legal

    EU contractual framework compliant with competition law and GDPR

  • Sales

    A comprehensive set of sales and training materials

You benefit three times

A new revenue stream for your business

  • Several million € of profit over the next five years

Providing your suppliers with competitive advantage

  • Brand performance vs. competition
  • Understanding your business KPIs with retailer
  • Customers' behaviour and switching patterns

Better collaboration with suppliers

  • Improved supplier negotiations and business planning

Why with us

No risk with high speed to market

Tried and tested product

  • No uncertainty around the programming development

Constant innovation

  • Agile approach, i.e. your product updates are delivered in weeks not years

No upfront investments

  • We believe in a revenue share remuneration model

We're proud of our partners

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