Business Insights

How it works

BUSINESS INSIGHTS is ONE platform that covers all steps of the end-to-end process to become a true data driven company:

Transferring raw data, extracting and transforming, loading and storing it in a data warehouse.

Applying of models and segmentations to generate insights

Serving it via on-line application dashboards

(Extract, Transform, Load)
and Data Warehouse

Apply models and get insights
(create segmentation etc. to analyse data)

Visualisation platform
(Serve insights via a web application)

Platform components

practical and easy to navigate dashboards, KPIs and graphs

intuitive funnel flow logic through insights

enriched with segmentations to give a deeper understanding of customers behaviour

auto-generated insights and recommendations to guide users

presentation mode, messaging within the tool and other functions

solution covering end-to-end process from raw data to acting on insights

Why to choose Business insights


  • solution embedding ETL, analytics and use friendly visualisations tool for data insights


  • From raw data to dashboards available to users


  • the platform connects easily to many types of data sources and ingests all forms of data

SAAS = saving effort of your IT

  • implementation and operating requires only minimum effort from internal IT

Brands Insights

How it works

BRANDS INSIGHTS is ONE platform that covers all steps of the end-to-end data monetisation process:

We connect to retailer data, store it in a highly secured environment, structure, segment and analyse

Together with retailer we offer access to data insights in a form of dashboards and KPIs to their suppliers

Access is provided via an on-line business intelligence application

Retailer charges suppliers a monthly fee depending on granularity and range of data insights

What's in for retailer

New significant revenue source via direct retailer data monetisation

Provides unified cooperation framework and additional business value for suppliers

Low-risk and low-effort out of the box service to monetise data

What's in for suppliers

Sell-outs: enables suppliers to understand sales dynamics and measure it

View on competition: enable suppliers to understand their performance in the light of competition

View on customers: brings better understanding of customer segments and their behaviour

Why to monetise data with Brands insights

3 years ROI > 5

  • We believe in a revenue share remuneration model

90 days to new revenue

  • Structured implementation process and best practice ensure very short time to market


  • dashboards reflect industry and supplier best practice

SAAS = saving effort of your IT

  • implementation and operating requires only minimum effort from internal IT

Intuitive and easy to navigate for users

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