Business Insights

How it works

Business insights platform covers all steps of the end-to-end process from getting raw data, extracting transorming, loading and storing it in a data warehouse. Applying of models and segmentations to generate insights and serving it via on-line application dashboards.

(Extract, Transform, Load)

Data Wharehouse

Apply models and get insights
(create segmentation etc. to analyse data)

Visualisation platform
(Serve insights via a web application)

Platform components

Dashboards, KPIs and graphs

Intuitive funnel flow logic through insights

Enriched with segmentations to give a deeper understanding of customers behaviour

Auto-generated insights and recommendations to guide users

Presentation mode, messaging within the tool and other special functions

Solution covering end-to-end process from raw data to acting on insights

Why to choose Business insights

End-to-end product for your data

  • With one tool and one partner you can get the most of your raw data, no programming, only configuration

90 day to implement

  • Structured implementation process and best practice ensure very short time to market

Best practice dashboards included in the tool

  • Business expertise and dashboards already embedded in the product

Brands Insights

How it works

We consolidate retailer data, save it in a highly secured environment, structure, segment and analyze it. Together with retailer we then offer access to data in a form of dashboards, KPIs and graphs to their suppliers via an on-line business intelligence platform for a monhtly fee.

What's in for retailer

New significant revenue source via direct retailer data monetization

Provides unified cooperation framework and additional business value for suppliers

Low-risk and low-effort out of the box service to monetize data

What's in for suppliers

Sell-outs: enables suppliers to understand sales dynamics and measure it

View on competition: enable suppliers to understand their performance in the light of competition

View on customers: brings better understanding of customer segments and their behaviour

Why to monetise data with Brands insights

No upfront investments

  • We believe in a revenue share remuneration model

A new revenue stream for your business

  • Several million € of profit over the next five years

90 day to new revenue

  • Structured implementation process and best practice ensure very short time to market

Better collaboration with suppliers

  • Rich business intelligence tool functions and business expertise embeded

Intuitive and easy to navigate for users

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